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and I am back again....

What do I call this- "Batgirl Returns"?

I need an outlet, and FB is not it. No way to hide thing or post to select groups. So I am back.

So watch out. *wink*


A new post

Testing from my droid,with a new app!

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So, it's me!

I have been terribly remiss in posting here, mostly because Facebook has stolen my soul. However, my beloved ex husband, avaghdu has made a point of posting here and linking to Facebook, something I will try to do. Because, occasionally, I have something to say that is longer than 140 characters or so.

Just sayin'.

From Neil Gaiman's Journal....

The Literary Review's awards for bad sex scenes in fiction- HYSTERICAL!!!

Fun/Not so fun at work

Recently, the specialists in my group have been doing a lot of phone time, but we're still checking in on the other peeps along the way and are included in chats with the supervisors. Sometimes, we also get caught on long calls, and this was one of those times....

Travis [12:55 PM]: King?
Angelique [12:55 PM]:i can safely say that Angelique is just fine, in fact, I just talked to her
Brad [12:55 PM]: That implies that you are in fact, not fine.
Angelique [12:55 PM]: hrmn, possibly
Travis [12:55 PM]: lmao
Sheena [12:55 PM]: lol
Travis [12:55 PM]:only if she answers herself
Angelique [12:56 PM]:novice users are faboo!
Angelique [12:56 PM]:you can only go as fast as they can go
Angelique [12:57 PM]:-> is trying to figure out how to answer myself in IM
Brad [12:57 PM]:Works on AIM and other real clients.
Angelique [12:58 PM]:hrmn, I can't invite myself to a new conversation, I am kind of disappointed
Angelique [12:58 PM]:I have been meaning to talk to myself about AHT for a long time
Travis [12:58 PM]:lol
Travis [12:58 PM]:Try email that usually works for me
Brad [1:02 PM]:If AHT is bad enough, might warrant a side-by-side, I have a splitter if need be.
Angelique [1:03 PM]:I haven't had that discussion, I might be sensitive about me listening in on me, I will have to discuss it first


Travelling with Aunt Flo

Of course this post is full of complaint. I can't believe how full of woe my uterus is. It's apparently set on full on eject-so basically I am waiting for my pelvis to fall out.

This blows,even worse on a plane-just saying.
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Dear Uterus...

I am not sure why you wait til the MOST inconvenient time to shower me with your blessings.
I am tired of your mood swings, soreness and tiredness. You make me cranky, weepy and want to snack.
I don't hate you,but I sure loathe your timing. If I could opt out,or put you in a box I would.
Why didn't you come with an off switch?

With extreme dislike,


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Why I am actually a jerk.

So, today a coworker and i are talking about a mutual friend that I no longer talk to. He asks me why we had our falling out and then says " Did you sell him out, like you did with me?"

A little backstory:  This person has a history of acting out when slighted, to the point of creating huge altercations. I have found that calling them on their bullshit immediately can nip things in the bud. So when he had an altercation with a supervisor that was threatening to blow up, I talked to the sup involved, gave him the heads up so he could deal with the situation before it got really ugly.

However in doing so, I relayed information that could only have come from me. Despite the sup's best effort to keep me out of it, my involvment became evident and my coworker and I ended up having a discussion about why I did what I did.  I regret the way that it happened, because the sup invovled handled it badly, but I don't regret that I did it. I still think it was the right thing to do, but I do feel bad that it's crossed his trust/loyalty boundaries. We may not be as close again because of this, even though my actions may have kept him from getting himself fired, or walking out.

Anyway, the fact that it came up at all, means that he's not over it, despite the fact that he tells me that it's "water, under the bridge". And I feel bad that he feels that way, even though I still feel it was the right thing to do.

Sometimes, despite my best intentions, I end up being a jerk.


"If you can't be a good example then you'll just have to be a terrible warning." - Catherine Aird

Most helpful support specialists EVAR


And also this.....

My Champions online hero, Reddstarr, she rocks the kasbah!


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