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So yeah, I am back here....

I spend so much time microblogging that I forget how awesome and what a huge part of my life LJ has been. I really miss it a lot. And now that FB has taken over the world, what a great place to come back to, and to put out those things that are going on with me.

If I remember to do it, I mean.

Anyway, I keep getting caught up in people's tumblr accounts- WTF? How did I miss this trend? Do I need one? Should I have one? Will it be anyway as interesting as the ones that I follow-,eh, probably not. I feel like I am missing a vital interwebs experience or something. Hrmn, maybe I will start one...again....probably not.

So yeah, new year, new hair, new glasses- all just new. I have some art goals this year, some weight goals ( ick!) and I really need to make some WORK goals. Aaaand, I don't have much else to say thus far....so here, go look at this guy's tumblr: http://euclase.tumblr.com


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Jan. 21st, 2012 07:40 pm (UTC)
I have been on Tumblr the entire day, waiting to get addicted to it. And I must say...all it seems like is a complicated version of Facebook. I don't really get it at all, and after 11 hours, I think I'm gonna call it quits trying to figure this site out. LJ was always there for me anyway...though it needs a good reviving. Anyway, welcome back!
ps- add?
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