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why is this happening?

This year has just been brutal.

And even vacation is awful. I feel like I lost a bet with my higher powers. Maybe I need to get right with the powers that be, because for some
reason I am on their shit list.

I have lost so much in the last 4 months and it just keeps coming. I just wonder if this means I have stumbled off the path somehow, and this is my

I don't expect things to be perfect, just liveable with less heartache.

Ten things....

Ten things you may/may not know about me...

1. I love ( read: LOVE) Godzilla. I have several figurines and have seen all the movies.
(Not to secretly, I long to BE Godzilla- fire-breath and all)
2. I have 2 birthmarks. One on my knee, one on me bum.
3. I sing. I went to state competition in high school, and made my own CD in 1998.
Way before it was cool!
4. My favorite comic book characters are Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix, Batgirl, Wonder Woman
and Vampirella. In that order.
5. I love MMORPGs. I played WoW (badly) for years, gave it up to play City of Heroes,
Champions, and DCU online. Getting ready to play Star Wars: The Old Republic this spring
when we finally have some time.
6. I have never read any of the Twilight novels ( and I don't intend to) but I have read
the Wiki, and have seen the movies. I like them better with the sound off, but they
are pretty to watch.
7. I had a gastric bypass last year. So far I have lost 100 lbs, and kicked my diabetes to
the curb.
8. I am an artist. I have a degree in Commerical Art, and last year did a 365 project that
consisted of a drawing a day.
9. I have a collection of black cats. Not real ones ( though I do have 2) but figurines
and stuffed animals and even a limoge box!
10. Lastly and most importantly, I am funnier than you. :)


Do you ever wonder if you're a good friend? If there are things you should be doing? I keep thinking that I've lost what it takes to be that to other people. That I don't do or say enough...but then, I have always been the one going to other people, or being there, or listening...and I don't always feel like there is someone to listen to me.

Color me bluesy today.

So yeah, I am back here....

I spend so much time microblogging that I forget how awesome and what a huge part of my life LJ has been. I really miss it a lot. And now that FB has taken over the world, what a great place to come back to, and to put out those things that are going on with me.

If I remember to do it, I mean.

Anyway, I keep getting caught up in people's tumblr accounts- WTF? How did I miss this trend? Do I need one? Should I have one? Will it be anyway as interesting as the ones that I follow-,eh, probably not. I feel like I am missing a vital interwebs experience or something. Hrmn, maybe I will start one...again....probably not.

So yeah, new year, new hair, new glasses- all just new. I have some art goals this year, some weight goals ( ick!) and I really need to make some WORK goals. Aaaand, I don't have much else to say thus far....so here, go look at this guy's tumblr: http://euclase.tumblr.com


So, today, this happened....And it was AwesomeCollapse ) *Squee*


This is only a test.

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And the verdict is in....

So, both of my ovaries are "enlarged", which is concerning, and certainly explains the pain in my side. Now we will wait on whether or not I will have an MRI next, again, not fun for me.

In my head the two enlarged ovaries are like Rock'em- Sock'em robots, duking it out for who gets to spit out the ostrich egg that's obviously growing in there.



Waiting on word....

The nurse is going to call today to go over the X-Rays today. Is it awful that I can't bring myself to care more about it? I just don't feel like it's a thing, you know? I can't worry about it until there is actually something to be concerned about. When it comes I will deal with it I guess.


One of the side effects of everyone being on Facebook,is that EVERYONE is ON facebook. Can't say how I am really feeling about work, because the leadership group is on there . ANNOYING!

Thank the gods for LJ.

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Ovaries overboard

So, the persistant pain in my left side may be my ovaries? Wtf? Appointment on monday to see if my left ovary is trying to eject- whee.

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